Couples Pricing

My rate for couples photography sessions are as follows:

  • $400 for a one (1) hour session
  • $500 for a two (2) hour session
  • $125/hr for each additional hour required over two (2) hours

A non-refundable retainer of $200 is required immediately upon booking the session.  If the location where your session is being held requires me to purchase a temporary business licence, then the cost of that licence will be added to your retainer fee payment.  The reason is so that I can purchase a business licence ahead of time and avoid any issues during the event with municipal authorities.  Any requests for cancelling or rescheduling your appointment must be made no later than 48 hours prior to your session.  Except under special circumstances, any requests to cancel or reschedule made within 48 hours will be rejected.

Please note that if you would like your photos to be taken in both indoor and outdoor settings, then two 1-hour sessions will be booked – one for the indoor session, and one for the outdoor session.  This will be considered as booking a 2-hour session.  Also be aware that the sessions will not be booked consecutively if it is not feasible due to the distance between the locations of the settings.  Please also note that if either 1-hour session requires more than the allotted time, then extra charges will will apply for each additional hour required at normal rates.

If the session is being held outside of Calgary, then mileage will be charged per kilometre, and will be added to your invoice.


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