Wedding, Couples, Family non-portrait, Sports, and Event photography services come with one (1) CD/DVD of original images that are up to my standards of quality, as well as edited versions of images that may not have turned out properly that I was able to save.  This means that if an image didn’t live up to my standards, and I couldn’t save it through editing, then it won’t be on the CD/DVD.

All portrait sessions may have me take many photos, but I will only give you the number of photos requested, and only what I feel are the best ones, on a CD/DVD.  Editing may still be done on what I deem to be the best images, and, in those situations, the edited versions of those images will be on the CD/DVD.

Please note that I still own all copyrights to the images.   However, you are free to distribute it to friends and/or family, share it on social media, or use it for any non-commercial purposes.  If you’re going to have it displayed publicly, you and/or the third party may not sell the images for commercial gain, and you and/or the third party must give me credit as the copyright holder.  Also, you and/or the third party are not allowed to do any editing on the photos.

If you would like me to make additional CDs or DVDs, the cost for each additional one is $25. 

If you would like your images to be placed on a USB Flash Drive, please let me know at the time of booking.  The reason for this is that I do not keep a stock of these drives, so I need to go to the store to buy them.  However, I’ll still provide you with a CD/DVD in case you decide to buy an external CD/DVD drive.  The only instance where you would not receive a CD/DVD is if the total size of the finished photos exceeds that which can be placed on a Dual-Layer DVD.  In such cases, you’ll receive a USB Flash Drive only.  In these situations, you may request additional USB Flash Drives, and the charge will be at the same rate as additional CDs or DVDs.

Please note that I do not provide image downloading services for your photos.  Furthermore, I will not email you your finished photos because the quality of the photos gets greatly diminished when emailed because of how the technology compresses the files, causing major loss of data.

My turnaround time is around three (3) to six (6) weeks after the event, wedding, or session, however I do try to get the photos processed in less than that time.  How long it actually takes really depends on how much work is needed in post-processing, as each client, event, wedding, and session is different.

Depending on the type of service booked, you may also request a photo book at an additional cost.  For more information, please visit the Photo Books page.

All photography services will be performed at a location of your choosing.  These locations can be indoors or outdoors, including at your home or place of business, or at the venue where your event, awards ceremony, or wedding is being held.  For some of the services, if you are unable to secure a location, or you don’t have a particular location in mind, then we will come to an agreement as to where we can hold the session.

A non-refundable retainer is required to be payed before I will agree to perform photography services for you.  This is because I will reserve the date(s) for your session or event, and I ensure that I do not make any other bookings or arrangements on those dates.

If an event, awards ceremony, or session is being held in a location that requires me to purchase a temporary business licence and/or a location permit, then these fees will be added to the retainer fee, and must also be paid at the time of booking.  The reason is because I will then be purchasing the licence and/or permit as soon as possible so that I can avoid any issues with municipal authorities and/or location management during the event, awards ceremony, or session.  Weddings will not have these fees added, as they are already included in the price.

For all payments (retainers, remaining balances, additional costs levied, prints), I accept cash, Interac e-Transfer, credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express), PayPal, bank payment, cheque (made payable to me), money order (made payable to me), and bank draft (made payable to me).  If you’re paying via an Interac e-Transfer, you have to let me know the answer to the secret question so that I can process and receive payment.  Credit card payments can either be done online via the invoice sent, manually by you phoning in your details, or in person.  Debit card payment can only be done in person.  In person payment will only be offered to those located in the Calgary area, or travelling to the Calgary area.

For specific rates of each type of photography service that I provide, please click one of the menu links under Pricing in the navigation menus, or select from the list below:

To see the list of products of non-client photos that I sell, either click the links under “Products” in the navigation menus, or click here.

Please be advised that bounced cheques will result in a $25 NSF fee. 

If the bounced cheque was for a retainer payment, I will inform you immediately and ask for payment of all charges (retainer and NSF) via cash, credit card, or PayPal, as they are guaranteed to clear.  For events (including sporting events), awards ceremonies (including sports), and weddings, you will have five (5) days to pay me, otherwise I will not show up to your function to take photos.  For portraits, family sessions, couples sessions, league games, and team and non-event sessions, you must pay me no later than four (4) hours prior to our scheduled appointment, otherwise I will not show up to take photos.

With weddings, if the bounced cheque was for payment of the remaining balance, then the situation is a little different.  If you were trying to make a partial or full payment on the remaining amount owed, but there was still plenty of time left before the deadline, then I will inform you about it and an NSF fee will be charged, however I will still show up for your wedding provided that you pay the remaining amount owed plus the NSF fee by the deadline (for more information about the deadline for payment of the remaining balance, please see the Wedding Pricing page).  However, if you make the payment on the remaining balance owed on or just before the deadline, and the cheque bounces, then you have five (5) days to pay all charges (remaining balance plus NSF fee) after I inform you, otherwise in this case I will not show up for your wedding to take photos, and you will lose all payments made that did clear.

In all cases, if a cheque bounced for an earlier payment, all subsequent payments by cheque will be refused.  Instead, payment via one of the other methods will be requested.

Non-payment of the remaining balance, and any additional costs levied (including NSF charges), will result in delivery of your CD(s)/DVD(s), USB Flash Drive(s) (if requested in lieu of CD(s)/DVD(s), and photo book(s), if requested, to be delayed.  After payment is received, we will discuss a method of delivery.  If you live or primarily do business in the Calgary area, or you will happen to be travelling to the Calgary area, payment will be accepted at the time of delivery if you would like me to deliver your materials in person (this can be at either my house or your home or place of business).  If payment in person is done via cheque, please be sure that you have enough funds in your bank account so that it will clear.  If you are unsure that you have enough funds in the account when you hand me the cheque, it will be immediately returned, and cash, credit card, Interac debit card, or PayPal payment will be asked for.  If paying in person by credit or debit card, access to wifi is not required, but it is still greatly appreciated that if you do have wifi, you allow me to log into it.

Rates are subject to change without notice.  All prices quoted are in CAD (Canadian Dollars).  Currently, rates are not subject to GST.

Just a quick note to everyone: I will not be providing any photography services if you require me to travel outside of Canada.  If you would like me to provide photography services anywhere across Canada, then I’d be happy to talk with you more about whether or not I can help you out.

To contact me for more information, to arrange a meeting with me prior to securing my services, or to book me as your photographer, please contact me via the contact methods on the Contact Me page.  If you would like to meet with me prior to reserving me as your photographer, we can meet at a place that is agreeable to both of us, including a coffee shop or at your place of business.  At this meeting, I can show you a hard-copy portfolio of my photography.  However, please be aware that, because I do not drink alcohol, I will not meet in a bar or for drinks.


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