Wedding Photography

Congratulations on the big day!  I will strive to capture the moments that will leave a lasting impression forever, tell a story behind your special day, and leave you with fond memories of your wedding.

I am available for the following wedding-related photography services:

  • engagement photos
    • Note: I do not provide services for proposals
  • pre-wedding photos
    • photos taken a few days to a few weeks prior to the wedding
    • weddings shoots that you would like to have scheduled separate from the wedding, including, but not limited to:
      • photos for your invitations
      • wedding announcement photos
      • a general wedding shoot
      • you’ve been engaged for a while, and you’ve finally set a date, and want some photos to celebrate
      • bridal and/or groom sessions
  • the wedding itself, including

    • the wedding day
    • the reception
    • any other events occurring around the day of the wedding directly related to the wedding

Please see the “Wedding Pricing” page for more details about my rates.

For more information, to book a session for engagement and pre-wedding photos, or to book me as your wedding photographer, please contact me via the methods on the “Contact Me” page.  While my photos are usually processed and edited in colour, if you would like me to convert and edit some of your images in black and white, I can certainly accommodate your request.

At this time, I will be unable to book the following engagement and pre-wedding photo sessions outside of Calgary:

  • daytime sessions outside of a 3-hour driving radius from Calgary
  • evening sessions
  • sessions outside of Calgary during the winter months

I also may not be able to provide you with wedding photography services for weddings outside of Calgary during the winter months if it requires me to drive to the location of your wedding.


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