Portrait Photography

Sometimes, you need a portrait to capture an important moment in your life, for your website to let people know who you are, your LinkedIn profile in order to let employers know who you are, or to provide a head shot for those job applications that require one.  You may even want to have a portrait of you with your friends, and do not want to miss that chance to do so.  I will make sure that your portraits are good quality, and will capture those moments or present the professional image that you desire to portray.DSC_0010_20150809_114858_HDR

For more information, or to book a session with me, please contact me via the methods on the “Contact Me” page.  For pricing information, please see the “Portrait Pricing” page.

For models only: If you’re a current or aspiring model, at this time I will be unable to pay you for you to do a photo shoot with me, since I am just starting out and my funds are really limited.  Due to this reason, the only way I’d be able to take your photos is either if you are willing to pay me, or in a “trade for portfolio (TFP)” arrangement.

For all portrait sessions, at this time I will be unable to book the following sessions outside of Calgary:

  • daytime sessions outside of a 3-hour driving radius of Calgary (spring, summer, and fall)
  • evening sessions
  • sessions outside of Calgary during the winter months

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