Event Photography

No matter what event you’re holding, you always want to capture the important moments of the occasion and save them forever.  When you hire me as your photographer, I will make sure that the best moments of your event are not missed.

 I am available for the following types of events:

  • events organized by individuals
  • family events
  • corporate and business events
  • non-sports awards ceremonies
  • non-profit events

To clarify by what I mean by individually-organized events, I mean things like birthday parties organized by friends, friends get-togethers, charity events that an individual organizes on their own accord (and not due to working for a non-profit organization or sponsorship by a non-profit organization), high school reunions, and other events that are strictly planned and organized by individuals that are not family, business, or non-profit related.

Family events are things like family gatherings and reunions, birthday parties organized for a family member, wedding anniversaries (including those organized by the kids), and other events strictly planned and organized by individuals that are intended for family celebrations and get-togethers, or multiple family members for the same reasons.

For more information, or to book me as your event photographer, please contact me via the contact methods on the “Contact Me” page.  For information about my rates, please see the “Event Pricing” page.  To see a portfolio of my event photography, please see the “Event Portfolio” page.


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