Photography Services

I pride myself on quality and providing good customer service.  When you hire me as your photographer, you can expect quality photos to be taken, and a great deal of professionalism from me.  All photos are taken with a Nikon DSLR camera.DSC_0029_20160504_114611_HDR

Currently, I am only focusing on the following types of photography services:

To find out more information about each of these services, please click one of the page links under “Photography Services” in the navigation bar above, or in the menu links at the bottom of the page.  For general information about pricing and payment, please see the “Pricing” page.

I also sell prints of my non-client photos, though if you are interested in having some prints of photos taken during your session or event, you can contact me and we can work something out.  And, for events and some types of sessions, a photo book can be requested.  After final payment is made (or in the case of a wedding, after the book is completed and, if applicable, payment of additional charges has been received), I will email you a link to where you can buy copies of the photo book.  For more information, please click the appropriate link under the “Products” section of the navigation menu above.

Wedding, Couples, Family non-portrait, Sports, and Event photography services come with a CD/DVD of original images that are up to my standards of quality, as well as edited versions of images that may not have turned out properly that I was able to save.  This means that if an image didn’t live up to my standards, and I couldn’t save it through editing, then it won’t be on the CD/DVD.

All portrait sessions may have me take many photos, but I will only give you the number of photos requested, and only what I feel are the best ones, on a CD/DVD.  Editing may still be done on what I deem to be the best images, and, in those situations, the edited versions of those images will be on the CD/DVD.

Please note that I still own all copyrights to the images.   However, you are free to distribute it to friends and/or family, share it on social media, or use it for any non-commercial purposes.  If you’re going to have it displayed publicly, you and/or the third party may not sell the images for commercial gain, and you and/or the third party must give me credit as the copyright holder.  Also, you and/or the third party may not edit the images at all.

Also, please be aware that I do not provide a makeup artist of my own.  Therefore, if you are planning on wearing makeup, you will either have to apply it yourself before the session, or you will have to come to the session with your own makeup artist.

Furthermore, please note I do not have a studio of my own.  Therefore, all photography services will be conducted at a place of your choosing, or at a place that we both can agree to.  This includes indoor and outdoor sessions, including those at your home or place of business, events and awards ceremonies, and weddings.

For more information, to arrange a meeting with me prior to reserving me as your photographer, or to book me as your photographer, please contact me via the methods on the “Contact Me” page.  If you would like to meet with me prior to securing my services in order to talk about how I can help you, we can meet at a place that is agreeable to both of us.  This includes a coffee shop or at your place of business.  At this meeting, I can show you a hard-copy portfolio of my photography.  However, as I do not consume alcohol, I will not meet at a bar or for drinks.

Just a quick note to everyone: I will not be providing any photography services if you require me to travel outside of Canada.  If you would like me to provide photography services anywhere across Canada, then I’d be happy to talk with you more about whether or not I can help you out.


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